About Us

Infusing Enthusiasm And Passion For All Things Italian is Our Specialty!

Italian School NJ is 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit Italian Language and Culture school. It offers group classes, private instruction, and semiprivate tutoring to students of all ages, from 2.5 years old to adults.

Our mission is to provide every student, young or adult, with the formal instruction and confidence they need to speak and write in Italian, while acquiring knowledge of the geographic, artistic, historical, and literary richness of the Italian culture.

Barabara Carbon quoteWe have developed a sequential curriculum that is based on “full immersion” for all ages, so that students build up their knowledge gradually through the years.

One of the keystone elements of the formal curriculum we have devised is to expose each student to Italian culture. While our younger students play Italian games, sing Italian songs, and read Italian stories as a matter of course in the classroom, our older students will participate in interactive lectures, lessons in geography, history, art, food, and literature, and of course, general “usi e costumi”.

Italian School NJ will also organize lectures in cooking, art, cinema, dance, and so on, for adults and children!!
These courses will be open to everyone, not just Italian School NJ students….you just need to be willing to listen to the Italian speakers!!!!!!!
These courses and lectures will be announced during the academic year. We will keep you posted!

Plaza in RomeOn a larger scale, Italian School NJ seeks to create a community where the Italian language and culture is celebrated and revived, not only for native Italians and Italian Americans in the area, but for everyone.

New Jersey is well known for its Italian heritage, and its substantial community of Italian descendants, but has seen an almost complete disintegration of the cultural and linguistic connection that made us what we are today.

Our mission is to not only restore the language its place in the community, but to help keep Italian culture alive for generations to come.