Corporate Service

Italian School NJ has already collaborated with several companies in the area as they seek to expand their businesses and prepare their employees for interaction with Italian businesses, both domestic and abroad.

School logoNew Jersey is home to many corporations and small businesses that have close ties and business dealings with Italian subsidiaries.

Our staff has worked alongside CEOs, managers, and many others, aiding them not only in speaking and writing in Italian, but also in achieving the cultural fluency necessary to conduct and thrive in business abroad.

Individual private or semi-private lessons are available in addition to corporate group lessons.

The lessons can be tailored to employees at all proficiency levels who seek to master the language, whether for personal use or for business.
Our main goal is to ensure that every employee, regardless of rank or skill level, has a command of formal written and spoken Italian.
Italian School NJ can also provide individual lessons to those employees and managers for whom writing and communication in Italian come into play on a regular basis.

All teachers are skilled professionals in Italian teaching and have a knowledgeable command of business-related topics.