Our Staff

Our Staff Of Teachers Strives To Encourage Each Student To Reach Their Potential And Is Devoted To Make Their Students Love The Language And The Culture!

BrunellaBrunettiBrunella Brunetti grew up in a small town in Tuscany (Italy). She earned a Bachelor degree in “Pedagogy” at the University of Magister in Rome. During the years she was attending university, she worked as tour leader for a French tour operator: Nouvelles Frontieres. She was mostly traveling with groups of teenagers. When still in Rome she worked in the social services fields and then for the National Italian company A.C.I (Insurance, Motor Vehicles and beyond). Driven by her passion for food, she also attended a professional culinary school. In 2000 she moved to New Jersey, where she lives with her husband, daughter, a beloved cat named Mickey Blue Eyes. She is now graduating from Montclair University with a major in Italian Language and Culture. In 2011 she passed the O.P.I test (Italian proficiency) with the grade of “Superior”. She loves all manifestations of art, traveling, animals and the “Maremma Toscana” where still her mother lives.

Emanuela SchianodicolaEmanuela Schianodicola was born in Naples, Italy and resided there until the age of twelve, when her father’s work brought her to the United States. She immigrated to Brooklyn, NY and lived there for twelve years, during which time she obtained her Associates Degree in Travel and Tourism Management. For several years, she worked for a travel agency based in a predominately Italian community, where her knowledge of Italian served as a great tool in satisfying the agency’s needs. In 2000, Emanuela and her family moved to Flanders, NJ, where she still resides with her husband and two daughters. Her whole family shares her passion for Italian culture—Emanuela and her husband own an Italian restaurant in town, and spend every summer vacation together in Italy. Emanuela’s enthusiastic and affable personality, love for young children and time working as an aid at her daughters’ school brought her to Italian School NJ, where she started out teaching preschool Italian. Emanuela now conducts several preschool classes and private adult lessons, and most recently received her certificate to substitute for public schools of New Jersey for grades K-12.

Sonia-Angela-FalconeSonia Angela Falcone was born in Milan, Italy. Her Father’s work brought them to Montreal, Canada and then into a few States in the US until they settled in Dallas, Texas. For every summer vacation, Sonia and her family would travel to Italy for 2 months. While in Dallas, Sonia graduated from an all-girl College Preparatory High School, Ursuline Academy. Ursuline’s heritage is rooted in the founding of the Ursuline Order by Angela Merici in Brescia, Italy, in 1535. After graduation, Sonia decided to pursue her Undergraduate and Graduate degree in Florence, Italy where she later obtained her Master’s Degree in Modern Literature and Languages. During her 7-year stay in Florence, Sonia worked for Tre Elle Service, LLC as their PR and Interpreter. In 2002 Sonia and her husband moved to New Jersey, where she began to work for Sub-Zero Wolf Appliance as her full-time occupation. She also taught Italian and Spanish classes at the Iberia Language Institute in the evenings and on the weekends. Sonia has been with the Italian School of NJ since October of 2012 and adores teaching her classes.

Alessandra-PollockAlexandra Pollock, a native of Northern New Jersey, grew up in an Italian-American family with origins in the Campania region. As many of her family members are native Italians, the influence of the language and culture has proven to be an omnipresent and defining feature of her life, influencing everything from her favorite food to her college coursework. At the age of 13, Alexandra took her first trip to Italy, and has traveled there every summer since. In 2012, she graduated from Drew University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and a minor in Italian. It was her experience tutoring and assisting Italian students of varying ages during those four years that awakened her passion for teaching, and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to bring that passion to life at Italian School NJ.

Carla_RiefoliCarla Riefoli was born and grew up in Milan (Italy). She earned a Bachelor Degree in Pedagogy at the “Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore” in Milan, and obtained a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Education. Carla worked as a social worker in a not-for profit organization in cooperation with social service of Milan, where she worked with youths and their family with social hardship, housing deprivation, and also with children with learning difficulties. In Milan Carla also worked as a support teacher with kids in the elementary school, middle school, and high school, assisting students who have learning difficulties or disabilities. She worked as a teacher of several subjects in private schools for all grades and as a teacher in public preschools. In addition, she volunteered for “Telefono Azzuro”, a helpline for children who are victims of abuse, and for a nonprofit organization teaching Italian to foreigners. and for a nonprofit organization teaching Italian to foreigners. Carla spent several months in US while living in Italy working as a social worker and youth counselor. She now resides in New Jersey with her husband. She loves teaching children and adults. Her greatest passion is reading classic novels, and she considers reading to be one of the most important learning tools.

Chiara_ZanonChiara Zanon Russoniello, originally from Verona, Italy, Chiara moved to New Jersey in 2002 with her husband and their four children. Chiara graduated in Italy from a classical preparatory high school for University (Liceo Classico). She went on studying at the Verona University (Foreign Languages and Literature), while teaching German at a local High School. Upon marrying an American Government employee, she started teaching Italian for the Education Center at the Vicenza Army Base in Vicenza, Italy, where she taught for over twelve years Italian at various levels: from Headstart classes to College level. In addition she tutored higher-ranking officers. After moving to Nutley, NJ, she has been teaching Italian, first on a voluntary basis for her Church (where she is still holding a class), then for several Language Institutes in the area. Chiara is an experienced teacher for both children and adults. She has a first-hand knowledge of the Italian Elementary school curriculum, which allows her to tutor children of Italian families, and is up-to-date with both language and cultural evolution in Italy.

Lisa ZemaneckLisa Zemaneck was born in northern New Jersey and grew up in an Italian-American family with origins in the Veneto region. Always passionate about the Italian language and culture, Lisa began her formal study of Italian in high school and went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Italian from Arizona State University. In 2006, she attended the Universita’ degli studi di Ferrara and was a research assistant in a survey on the modern Italian language. She completed her post-graduate work at Montclair State University where she received her teaching certification in Italian. Upon graduation, she earned her TEFL certificate from ONTESOL and moved to Milan where she spent several months teaching English both privately and at a public high school. In the past few years, she has taught Italian privately to students of all ages, including young children. Lisa is thrilled to be currently teaching Italian at Madison, NJ high school and Italian School NJ.