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The cost of individual private lessons is:

  • $60 for a 1-hour session
  • $80 for a 1.5-hour session

The cost of semi-private lessons are:

  • $50 for a 1-hour session
  • $60 for a 1.5-hour session, respectively for each student

Semi-private lessons are conducted by one teacher for 2 students.

If the students that apply for semi-private lessons are FAMILY MEMBERS, please refer to the Semi-Private Family Members page for the registration form and discount information.

A deposit of $250 is required to book private & semi-private lessons which will be applied toward the tuition.
A minimum of 4 lessons should be booked at the time of registration and should fall within 6 weeks from the first scheduled lesson.

After this form is successfully completed, you will automatically be directed to a page to submit a deposit with credit card or using PayPal.
Monthly statements are sent out the first week of each month

Lessons can be rescheduled with 24 hour notice by notifying the teacher directly. If Italian School NJ receives less than 24 hour notice a cancellation fee of $30 will be applied.


This optional questionnaire helps us match you with the appropriate instructor. If you are a returning student, you may scroll to the bottom of the form to accept the terms and conditions, enter the anti-spam code and click "send".

New students should fill out as much of the questionnaire that applies. Thank you!

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If the student is exposed to the Italian language, please describe briefly:

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Use of grammar: BeginnerIntermediateAdvanced

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It is hereby understood and agreed that Italian School NJ shall not be responsible for any theft, damage or injuries incurred during lessons or on location premises.

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